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Jew We Are

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Jew We Are

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We are a wife & husband tag team, both raised in Jewish Suburbia on lox & bagels. We met at a Jewish wedding & soon thereafter we had one of our own. Then came the wild dog. afterwards, a home, to our parents' dismay, in the (GASP) city. soon WE DECIDED THAT We loved kids so much that we MAY AS WELL HAVE TWO OF once!! 

BEING jewish PARENTS TO TWO YOUNG KIDS IS THE CORE OF WHO WE ARE. AS SUCH, We know all too well how A LITTLE SOCIAL MEDIA FIX HELPS TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON WHEN DEALING WITH little sleep, blow outs, tantrums and THE chaos OF TWINS. So here we are, helping to ensure parents snap photos from their baby's first snip through their baby's first sedar, amidst aN ADORABLE nachas filled blanket.

Help commemorate your baby's first JEWISH holidays with the purchase of our tradition...tradition blanket.

P.S. be a mensch. spread the word about us by FOLLOWING US AND tagging #chaifiveblankets on facebook and instagram.

Chai Five,

Ashley & Scott Portman

Members of our tribe

President - Ashley S. Portman

summer camp attendee - won't eat bacon 

jewish philanthropist - licensed attorney

will eat lobster - jewish sorority graduate

Chief Dad - Scott Portman

summer camp drop out - surf n' turfer

jewish frat graduate - numbers guy

jewish humor lover - jewish guilt victim 

Interim Twins in Training -

Lincoln Portman

wheels on the bus singer - alarm clock

expert jumper - a, b, c knower

car enthusiast - cookie monster


Sloane Portman

bilingual greeter - midnight oiler

ring around the rosier - i did it announcer

pony rider - little people conossiour

Head of Security -

Chester Portman

poodle bichon - loud barker

door scratcher - bone eater

treat lover - four legged mascot

be a yenta!

want to carry our jewish baby blanket in your store? let us know! we are proud to support local and small businesses and would love to send some jewish baby gifts your way.

contact us at for more information.


"I wandered for 40 years and never saw a blanket this clever."

 MOSES, Egypt

"Finally! A gift my mother and I can agree upon."


"Get one before the inventory is invisible."

ELIJAH, A Sedar Near You

"We are not related to Natalie Portman, but we bet she would love our blankets."

THE PORTMANS, Chicago, Illinois

Contact Me



reach us at chaifivesales@gmail.coM OR FILL OUT the form below. 

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Chicago, Illinois

We heard you loud & clear! We will be in touch soon!

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